090929-sarah-night-train-amsterdam-praha-hlavni-nadraziI am an artist and urban planner, researcher, observer, and writer. I was raised in back-to-the-land style in rural Ohio in the 70s and am based in Seattle after stints in the mountains of Virginia & Pennsylvania, Washington DC, the Czech countryside, and along the Gowanus canal in Brooklyn. My husband and I recently spent time on rural Maui as caretakers for a 65-acre property with 100 chickens, 20 beehives and lots of fruit.

I have a masters’ degree in urban planning from the University of Washington and over 15 years of experience in the field – in land use, urban design, public health, environmental impacts, and transportation policy (and the relationships among / between them), research methods and design. I have written about these topics for a wide variety of audiences.

Studying and living in cities has given me an appreciation of the life of the street and the public sphere, and has shaped an artistic vision that is pragmatic, idealistic and populist. In my artistic practice, I frequently adopt methods of inquiry from planning and social science – public engagement and community organizing techniques, or methods to collect, synthesize and visualize information. I use a planner’s point of view, where large scales and long time horizons frame the examination of city systems, ethics, and landscapes. These dramatic, large scale gestures are humanized and given depth by the intimacy of the individual interactions and unexpected encounters that take place around them.

Contact: sarah “at” gogoweb “dot com”

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